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Hello Moscow Charter School Families,

9/2/2011 -

We are off to a great start of the 2011-2012 School Year. The “Back to School Picnic” was a great success. Thank you to all of the parents and friends that came with food to share. The P.A.T. planned a great evening of fun for us. The pizza from Pizza Perfection is always a hit and the giant burritos from Patty’s Kitchen really make it feel like a big celebration. The entertainment by JENKS was such a perfect fit for our little group. It was such a joy to see so many children getting up and dancing with abandon. The weather also cooperated this year and there was no need for winter coats or rain gear. All in all it was a perfect evening. So, thank you P.A.T. members for working so hard to help us have a great get together.

While we are on the subject of thanking the P.A.T. for all of their hard work, we want to thank them for providing another Smart Board for the school. Now every classroom except for first grade has a Smart Board to help complement the classroom learning experience. The P.A.T. has also purchased new play equipment for recess play time. These few ladies work very hard to make MCS a happy and productive place. However, they need your help. It is very important for more parents to join the group by becoming class parents and coming to the monthly P.A.T. meetings. Your help is an important part of the success of our school.

You may have spotted some new faces around the school. We have two new AmeriCorp volunteers. We have Mr. MacNamee who is our full time AmeriCorp Volunteer and Mr. Boesflug who is our part-time AmeriCorp volunteer. Mr. Johnny Appleby is our Art Specialist and he is excited to share his many artistic talents with the children. Miss Spinarski was the kindergarten student teacher last year and now she is the morning kindergarten aide and the afternoon extended day teacher. We have two student teachers this fall Cory Johnson is our student teacher in third grade and Jenny Stonum is our student teacher in fifth grade. We also have Sandra Wilkens as a European exchange student teacher in fourth grade.  I am sure all of these new additions enhance our dynamic STEAM program here at Moscow Charter School.

Please help us out and put your child’s name on everything that they bring to school. Last year we continually had a pile of coats and lunch boxes with no names on them. It is frustrating to have all of these expensive items that we can not get back to their owners.

Hope you have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend,
Marie Axman Ed.D., Principal of Moscow Charter School

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