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Hello Moscow Charter School Families

3/25/2011 -

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our first annual TRIP TO SOMEWHERE.
All of the grade level displays were so impressive. Parents and students alike could look around with pride at the impressive work that our students are accomplishing. We really appreciate Mr. Tousley for bring us this idea of a family friendly evening of celebrating learning.  (view slideshow)
We had our school nurse here today tracking our chickenpox out break. We have had several cases in first, second, fifth and sixth grades. Unfortunately, even some of the children who have been immunized have been coming down with the virus. Be on the look out for a fever, sore throat and an outbreak of an itchy rash. The individual bumps have the appearance of a blister about the size and shape of a match head. Be sure to check with your physician if you see these symptoms.
Alas, the head lice just won’t go away! We have had to send children home this week in the third and fifth grade. The school nurse was here to check heads and work with parents of students who have had the outbreaks. Keep checking your children at home. Lice are most commonly found near the back of the head and look like tiny flecks that stick to the hair. For more information please see our website regarding this pesky little bug.
On a happier note tonight is our all school dance at the 1912 center. The music is being provided by Gefilte Trout and MUSAIIQUE. We hope to see all of you there dancing the night away.  All admission donations and funds raised by the 50/50 raffle will go towards purchasing a microphone set up to be used for our Music and Theater presentations.
Hope to see you at the dance,
Marie Axman EdD
Principal Moscow Charter School

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