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2/11/2011 - After School Program

Greetings all!
We just finished SpanishASP instructor orientation meetings this past Tues/Thursday  and what a fabulous group of talented people we have working with the program this session! 
As you know Valerie Roloff will be returning for her 3 session!  YEAH Valerie!  Valerie will continue to work with the 1-2nd graders.
Mari Avil will also be returning for her 2nd session.  YEAH! She will work with our 3-4th graders.
David Anzaldo, Dr. Demetrio Anzaldo worked with us last session--David is his son who is attending U of I; will be working with the 6th graders.  YIPEE!
We are also delighted to have Nora Resendiz join our group.  She just graduated with her degree from U of I in December.  AWESOME!  She will offer back up support and depending on the size of the group that actually show's up on Tuesday, may actually have a class of her own!

These young people are bilingual, well travelled and wonderfully articulate.  I am SO delighted to have them working with our children!
I am equally delighted to have the continued support of my respected colleague Melissa Radloff!  The program is in fabulous hands under her on-site and organizational expertise! 
We are all very excited about the theme for this session--Travel!  We already have guest speakers planned (Senor Cajas, a professor from Guatemala and a past instructor for SpanishASP will be visiting his daughter and will be joining us to share his gift of music, and love of his country; David and Nora both have travelled recently to Peru, so we will have a Peru day featuring their travel; and Mari will be organizing the U of I Spanish dancers to come teach our children to dance!)  We have lots of "travel" related activities to go with our theme and we spent the last couple meetings organizing ourselves for the children!  I am really psyched about what the group has to offer this session.  There is also the possibility that colleagues who are in Costa Rica, Lee and Kerri Vierling, and their children Tia and Kira, will be our "travel correspondents" and possibly set up "email pen-pals" with Tia and Kira's classmates!  Lots of exciting possibilities!
We seek to increase communication with parents this session, as requested in our feedback survey from last session.  To do so, the teachers will make a point of introducing themselves to you (and we hope you will seek to meet them also!)  Melissa will send out a weekly email.  I will send out a couple Blog communications to try and encourage parent use of the Blog.
We seek to increase Spanish language use, as well as awareness of all the different countries in which there are Spanish speakers.  We are working to identify common phrases that will be used across classes so that children will have a common vocabulary, as well as increase opportunity for the children to simply "hear" Spanish.
The session starts next week--Tuesday Feb. 15th.  3:15 to 3:30 is supervised "play time" and we ask that the children play by the Multi-purpose building so our teachers can easily watch them.  On the first day, please have your child check-in with Melissa in the Multi-purpose room at 3:15 or, if coming from another school, whenever they get on site. 
If your child is a returner and there are not changes you wish to make on their registration form, we will simply retain the form we have on file; however if you are new or would like to make changes, please bring the completed attached registration form with you!  The cost of the session is the same as previously, namely 165.00 for the 8 week session.  Please have registration and tuition when you enroll your child--Tuesday, Feb. 13th.  Please make checks out to "Palouse SpanishASP."  Your timely tuition payment ensure's timely payment of our talented instructors and Program Coordinator.  Thank you!
We will be taking "passport" pictures the first day, as well as instroducing teachers and children etc.  I will be  responsible for snack the first week but it is anticipated that parents will be responsible for at least one day of snack for all the children.  If this will be a hardship for you, please let me know and I am sure we can work something out.
We look forward to a full and exciting program!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions (208) 310-6892.
Warmly,   Gretal

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