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1/28/2011 -

We all are getting excited because there are only seven more days until the Winter Arts Program over at the HIRC.  Doors will open at 6:30pm for seating the evening of Friday, February 4th. All of our students will have an active part in the music presentation which is integrated with the entire program. The grade levels are working together on the different segments of the play.  I am sure you will enjoy this creative production.

The kindergarten presented a “Wonderful World Tour” this last Monday with a duet rendition of “I Can Show You the World” sung by Ms. Hoffmeister and Mr. Tousley.  The children read original stories that they had written and we were treated to some counting in Korean.  To pull it all together the whole class sang a song about the continents.  All together, the Morning Meeting was quite impressive.

First grade has been busy studying famous black people in honor of Black History month. They also will be learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Second graders are creating pyramids using straws.  They are learning about all kinds of geometric shapes.  They will be culminating this unit by creating a shape museum.

Third graders are writing theme poems.  In addition, the students are writing their own Cinderella stories.  The students are studying how stories can be written from different characters point of view.  For example, have you ever thought about the wicked step mother in Cinderella? Was she really as mean and evil as the story tells us?

Fourth grade went on an adventure to the Prichard Art Museum where they viewed art work that was created by professors from the University of Idaho. Along with the tour, they had a chance to create their own art using variations on ‘Nine.’  Part of the excitement was going on the public bus. Using public transportation to get around town has helped us to get to our field trip destinations.

Fifth graders are making scale models of the proposed green house.  They are also getting ready for the Spelling Bee.  Continuing with their theme of food and how it affects our bodies, groups of students will be presenting the various body systems to the class.  This Jigsaw learning experience helps students to really focus on connecting and being responsible for their own learning.

Sixth graders are busy preparing for a trip to somewhere.  They are preparing brochures, slide show and other interesting ways of researching their trip.  Their final presentations will be held at an open house on March 24th from 6pm to 7:30pm.

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