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Dear Moscow Charter School Families,

11/19/2010 -

I donít have to tell you that this has been a crazy week.   Some of us had to learn to go without electricity and heat for many hours. This surprising storm has made it clear that we all need to have a portable, battery powered radio to find out if the schools will be open. In the future, it is suggested that families be ready to tune in to any of the Inland Northwest Radio Stations for updates on school closures. In addition, MCS will post the school closure on our own website as well as forwarding a message on our all-school list serve. Please note that if it is announced that Moscow School District is closed, MCS is automatically closed too.


Monday morning marked the official opening of the MCS Digital Anthology.   Students can now contribute stories, poems, artwork, and photographs for the MCS online display. If a student has something that they would like to submit there is a special box located by the front office where items can be turned in. The editorial staff will read and edit the work for spelling and grammatical errors. The staff will return the work to the author to be sure changes are OK with them. After that, the article will be posted. The name of the Anthology is the Lionís Pride and it will be available on the web for the entire year.


This Monday, November 22, the fifth grade will present their proposal for including garden areas around the school. This same presentation was recently delivered to the MCS School Board. The students are very well prepared and enthusiastic in their expression of the need for fresh vegetable gardens and native plants that would improve the general school environment.


Next week we only have school on Monday and Tuesday because of Thanksgiving break. This is a time to express our thankfulness. I personally am thankful for all of the dedicated, generous and happy families and children here at MCS. I am also thankful for our dedicated and professional faculty and staff members. I am especially thankful to be working with all of you.   I hope you are able to enjoy some quality family time and if you are traveling I wish you safe passage. .


Happy Thanksgiving!


Sincerely yours,

Marie Axman Ed. D.

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