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Dear MCS Families,

10/15/2010 -

Itís Friday already! This week has just flown by and it will not end on Friday because we have Make A Difference Day on Saturday. If you would like to help out with some of our maintenance and grounds keeping projects that are in preparation for winter, please come to the school around 9am on Saturday morning Oct. 16th. We will have the coffee ready and  P.A.T. members and School Board Members will be here to put you to work.
The third grade was responsible for the Monday Morning Meeting presentation this week. It was unique because the students used rhythm sticks to provide the beat for their chant. The focus of the chants was on being empathetic towards others. All of the students had an opportunity to recite parts of the chant.
In addition to Morning Meeting taking place on Monday, our sixth graders set off on their week long adventure to MOSS
science camp. The experience of being away from home for a week and being responsible for themselves is such an important  growing experience for the sixth graders. They learn a great deal of applied sciences along with developing a new level of  self-reliance and confidence. I canít wait to hear all of the tall tales.
Tuesday the weather was so warm that we all thought the summer was back. Alas, we have a new pile of lost jackets in the lost and found. The School Board also met on Tuesday evening. They had an opportunity to look at our IRI scores; IRI is an acronym for the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI), as a result of Idaho Code enacted in 1999, is a benchmark reading test that is administered three times per school year to all Idaho public school students in grades K-3. IRI data is reported online at the end of each testing session. Districts must provide 40 hours of reading intervention for those scoring below grade level on the test. Beginning spring 2004, Idaho Code identified statewide reading goals that each grade level within each school must achieve. IRI testing was completed here at MCS and Title I will provide services for qualifying students at all grade levels.

Image provided by - Daily News
Wednesday was Walk to School  Day. We had lots of Moscow Charter School students participate by walking and riding their bikes to school. There were 12 athletes from University of Idaho Tennis and Girls Basketball program here to greet our students as they arrived at school. The Thursday copy of the Daily News had a front page picture of a group of our students walking across Mt. View with our Ameri-Corp Volunteer, Betsy Byers, and a college student-athlete volunteer.
We have had a few of teachers out with the stomach flu and it has been hard to find substitute teachers. On Thursday both of our student teachers and even the principal were in the classroom teaching. Since we can only stretch our staff so far, it is important for us to get more names for our substitute list. If you know of someone who is interested in applying to substitute, please have them contact the school for an application.
Hope to see you all on Saturday morning.
Sincerely yours,
Marie Axmen Ed. D.

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