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Dear Moscow School Community

9/17/2010 -

This was our first full week of school and the students are successfully in the class routine.Our school nurse was here doing eye exams for first through third grade. If there were any issues of concern, a letter was sent home regarding the findings.

The sixth grade started using the donated class set of mini laptop computers in the classroom. It was exciting to see all of them busy writing their stories and using their thumb drives to save their information. These laptops are bringing our school to a new level of connection to the age of technology.

Fifth grade walked to the County Fair. They used teacher made workbooks to record the information that they learned at the animal display area. This year the classes will be taking advantage of the close proximity of many important learning opportunities in the community and doing walking field trips.

Fourth grade worked on a census of the activities that were going on in the school. Miss Ward is student teaching in the class. This is her second semester of student teaching and she will be teaching the class as the semester progresses.

Third grade has started reading the Wizard of Oz. There are so many different versions of this well loved story and the class will be doing some comparisons. In addition, third grade has started differentiated learning centers in Math. In the Economics Unit of Kids Town, the students voted to name their class “One Universe Town.” They will be designing a logo for the town and the Moscow City Hall sent a representative to talk about designing a logo.

Second graders are busy working on scientific experiments in class. We all balanced our pencils on craft sticks. It was awesome! I see them using the smart board for all of the subject areas. The class loves the smart board and can’t wait to write on it. On Friday, the class made constitution windsocks. They will be hung on Monday in the classroom.

First graders are focusing on learning school procedures. They have had fun learning directionality of North, South, East and West. There have been lots of educational games and activities that engage the whole class.

Kindergartners have a student teacher this semester. Miss Spinarski comes to us from the University of Idaho and is specializing in Early Childhood education. The extra set of hands are helping a great deal as students work in groups for math and reading.

Our Title I reading specialists have been working to individually evaluate all of our students to determine grade level of reading. During the school year, Title I provides individualized services to bring some of our students up grade level.

There is just a quick reminder about parking lot and drop-off procedures. Please follow the directional arrows and enter the parking lot on the left side and go around in front of the school. If the bus is present please wait behind the bus students may get into cars to get ready to leave.

Hope you get a chance to go to the fair this weekend. I walked there with the fifth grade and we had a great time viewing all of the exhibits.


Marie Axman Ed. D.

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