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Moscow Charter School

Sixth Grade/Science & Social Studies

Sixth Grade/ Science and Social Studies

Fifth graders use their knowledge about aquatic webs of life to examine the Hordemann's Pond ecosystem.

Sixth graders paper maché and then paint rainforest animals.

Fifth graders rock out and dance to the Mr. Parr "Water Cycle" Song on youtube.

Seventh grade visits Hordemann's Pond to examine the abiotic features and biotic organisms that exist in this ecosystem.

Sixth grade celebrates Mexican culture and Cinco de Mayo by making paper mache piñnatas, filling one with candy, and then smashing it!

Seventh graders propagate rex begonia plants after discussing how plant hormones change how plants grow.

Fifth graders use the "M" in STEAM to understand temperature limits and how the lack of dissolved oxygen in water affects native and introduced fish in Idaho.

Sixth graders dig for earthworms to study worm characteristics and also measure the length that a parasitic tapeworm can grow (12 meters!).

Fifth graders learn the art of Japanese Fish Printing- Gyotaku!

Fifth graders dissect rainbow trout to learn about fish anatomy.

Mr. Bill Holley talks with the fifth graders about growing up in the Deep South to kick off the 5th grade study of regional geography for Social Studies.

Fifth graders learn about anadromous fish and then play a "Smell Your Way Home" game.

Seventh graders make paper dreidels and then play the dreidel game when learning about major world religions.

The U of I Chemistry Club uses liquid nitrogen to turn a banana into a hammer!

Fifth graders learn about fish adaptations and then use the chromebooks to play a "Build A Fish" game.

Sixth graders look at red blood cells and lung cells. Thank you to Mrs. Miura for coming and talking with us!

Sixth graders make giant Mexican Worry Dolls using sticks and fabric scraps.

Sixth graders share their versions of Latin American Folk Tales with the first grade class.

Middle school students participate in a Hip-Hop Dance Workshop during Jazz Fest.

Sixth graders play Tlatchli, an ancient Aztec game that combines soccer, basketball, and football.

Dr. Robert Tripepi and his lab assistant Mary explain the importance of tissue culture in agriculture.

Seventh graders play Yute, a game from Asia.

Middle school siblings face off in the School Spelling Bee. Other middle school students participated as well.

Sixth graders assemble and test solar cars using the Solar Car Kits.

Fifth graders use the chromebooks to collaboratively write plays about the Bill of Rights and then present them to the class.

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