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Moscow Charter School

Sixth Grade/Science & Social Studies

Sixth Grade/ Science and Social Studies

Welcome! Here's what we've been doing:
6th Graders skype with Staff Sargeant S. Adam Collins about his Humanitarian Mission to Honduras when he was 21.
Latah County Conservation Day!
Arrival  and hanging out at Spring Valley Reservoir. The students also learned that garter snakes can swim!
Students learn about fire safety from a fire fighter's point of view. One shows off her mustache! 
Students also learn about Wilderness Survival- what to do and what NOT to do!
They also learned about macro-invertebrates and how to catch them!
They ended the day with a time to go fishing.
Thank you Mr. Mylar for sharing reptiles (including Frederick's dad!) with us!
6th Graders learn about diffusion in cells by modeling in an experiment using different chemicals.
7th graders make more observations abou their indoor gardens.
6th graders learn about how a cell "breathes" by looking at stomata.
6th Graders share the Latin American Folktales they retold with Kindergarten.
Plant Clubbers plant spinach, lettuce, and kale seeds into the raised beds to start growing food!
7th Graders transplant seedling and record their first observations for their indoor gardens.
The 6th Graders dissect amniotec (chicken) eggs to prepare for Life Science.
PE and Dance combines to participate in a Body Weight Reistance workshop with Dr. Elizabeth Miller.
8th Graders conduct an experiment to calculate kinetic and potential energies of a bounce ball.
6th graders mix saturated salt solutions and prepare to make eggshell geodes to study crystals and matter.
7th graders build models of ancient Mespotamian city-states- complete with walls, palaces, and ziggurats!
The 8th and 1st grades share their learning about castles, famous castles, and castle employees.
P.E. students participated in the fly fishing workshop from the Moscow Fly Tying Club.
The 7th graders get field experience to collect pond water and to examine it for protists.
The  8th graders use the spring sunlight to hold a solar car race.   
The 7th graders engineered aluminum boats to see who could build a boat that would hold the most pennies.    
Thank you Panda Express for coming and visting 7th grade for Chinese New Year!
The 6th graders build levers and pulleys using the FOSS kit.
The 7th graders examine seeds before planting their indoor flower/herb gardens.  
Drafting class takes advantage of the great weather to work outside!
Drafting class is visited by a guest speaker, who spoke about the importance of drafting!
The 7th graders examined seeds and then wrote dichotomous keys to classify them.
Plant Clubbers make scientific observations about Palouse Native Plants!
6th Graders present their Province Report Travel Agency information.    

8th Graders skype with Micol Collins (Mr. Collins' sister-in-law) about Italy and Rome)

Health students wrote and presented skits about building healthy relationships.
7th graders grew crystals and then after the test, took advantage of a  "free science" exploration.

7th graders create several saturated solutions to explore the solubility of salts. 
Plant Club sows seeds for the Palouse Prairie Foundation grant!

Keyboarders assemble the Kano Kit- to build a computer!

6th Graders explain cloud types with skits and interpretive dance.

Plant Club uses tree identification books id trees around the school.
Thanks again Amy Ross-Davis!

The 6th Graders work on their "Warm the Water" project- done in conjunction with the College of Education.

The Middle School skyped with Sergeant S. Adam Collins for a Veteran's Day Celebration!

The Plant Club used leaf rubbings to create Thanksgiving day cards, which they delivered to Good Sam's residents.

The 7th graders designed and conducted experiments to observe chemical/physical changes. These included cornstarch/water, baking soda/vinegar volcanoes- with a catalyst!, slime, and acidity/alkalinity tests!

The 8th graders share their ABC Biology books (written by them!) with the Kindergarten class.

Welcome Frederick the Corn Snake! Thank you Mylar family!
The Redman Family performs authentic Bluegrass Music!
Middle Schoolers enjoy their first Community Night- a Dance!
 The 6th Graders share their Canada Posters in small groups and with the class.
The 6th Graders created skits about the steps in the Scientific Method to study for the test.
The 7th Graders wrote realistic fiction stories about Africa and then shared them with the 4th grade class.
The 7th Graders installed the landscape buffer for the Middle School Expansion!

 The Middle School attended a Festival Dance performance of "A Moving Sound." This is a Tiawanese group that has traveld around the globe!
6th Graders enjoy their time at MOSS!

Here's the link for the MOSS BLOG:

8th grade students work together to dissect a fetal pig and discuss organs and organ systems.

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